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From our inception in a small warehouse in New Jersey in 2018 to our state of the art facilities on both coasts, SHIP LOGIQ has focused on key initiatives to help our customers maximize success. SHIP LOGIQ helps customers focus on sales while we provide technology-driven fulfillment solutions to support growth.


Our team of dedicated professionals have personal experience in the challenges facing online retailers and we have used those key experiences to design a comprehensive system that addresses all key areas of the fulfillment and inventory management process for the most effective and profitable results. Put simply…we know what we need to know because we’ve been there.


Now let us handle those areas while you focus on growing your business!  

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Our Story

SHIP LOGIQ's founding team all have decades of success in B2B shipping and fulfillment. After seeing what the B2C shipping companies offered to customers, we knew their needs weren't being met. They deserved something better, something less difficult, something with reliability and speed. With this need, the dedicated SHIP LOGIQ Superhero Support Team was born.

Your Superhero Support Team

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