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Fulfillment Services Pricing 

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Amazon FBA

Prep Services


Retail & Wholesale




& Storage


Receiving &

Reverse Logistics

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Customer Support​


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Per Item Vendor Central & Seller Central Pick/Pack/Ship Fee

If your items require us to pick individual units out of cartons to prep shipments for Amazon we charge the following per item fee.

Per Item   |   $1.00

Per Carton Forwarding Fee

If your items are already in shipping cartons (cases) that are less than 12” on every side and don’t need to be opened we charge the following per carton forwarding fee.

Per Item
Up to 2 cubic ft.
2-5 cubic ft.
5+ cubic ft.



Removal Order Processing

Unfortunately, due to the way that Amazon sends us removal orders,  the inventory does not come in boxes suitable for storage and inventory management. This requires us to repack the removal product into cartons suitable for storage and inventory management.

Per Shipping Plan Minimum

If you are only using Ecom Pros for forwarding & storage services, there is a minimum fee per “Shipping Plan” or “Forwarding Event” as this service requires us to retrieve your product from storage racks, create & confirm shipping plans, potentially schedule freight and more.

Per Shipping Plan   |   $10

per plan minimum.png

Per Item  |  $2.00

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FBA Prepping Services

We can help ensure your product prepping is done correctly no matter what your need might be.

Item Labeling
Poly Bagging
Add Insert to Products
Bubble Wrapping

20¢ Per Item
50¢ Per Item
+ cost of material fee
50¢ Per Item
90¢ Per Item 
+ cost of material fee
$1.00 Per Item

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